Horse Leasing

We lease horses to people who are experienced with horses, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Horse Leasing

Owning vs. Leasing

When you purchase a horse, it may easily cost you $2500 or more. Add to that the expense of all your tack, routine vet & farrier bills. And don't forget your monthly boarding fees. In addition, if you have that horse in an area where the riding is limited, you may need to rent or purchase a truck and trailer to bring your horse to an area to ride.

Leasing is an affordable way to enjoy recreational riding but are not committed to the expense of purchasing. Plus it is a way to 'try before you buy' if you think you may want to purchase a horse in the future but are unsure if you have a passion for it.

Each lease includes ALL tack. Also included is a two hour lesson to acqaint yourself to your horse and for us to match the rider with the right horse. These horses are dead broke, fun & responsive trail horses.

If for any reason your horse is injured, you will be given another until your horse is healed. Full or partial leases are available.

Your only expense is leasing for a twelve (12) month period. In addition to us providing horse and tack, we also provide all veterinary and farrier costs. There is also NO monthly boarding fee. You have full access to the riding arena and the beautiful Gateway Trail, one of the finest state trails in Minnesota. Over twenty miles of main & side trails to explore.

Horse Leasing

Full Lease or Half Lease Available

Please call or email if we can assist you.

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