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Willie Madline Riding Horse

If you want to enter the world of horsemanship, horseback riding lessons are the best way to start. Madline Horsemanship Clinics in Stillwater, Minnesota provide horse riding instruction. Lessons are a total of 6 hours. They are done to best fit your schedule. A horse riding professional will teach you to respect the horse. You will build your horsemanship confidence and knowledge as you learn to groom, saddle and ride the horse by yourself. We use safe, well trained horses. Helmets are required, which we provide. We specialize in beginner horseback riding lessons for western style riders of all ages and abilities.

If you are planning to eventually buy a horse, get instruction first. Be sure you and your horse can walk, trot, and canter. The horse, no matter what you pay for it, is the cheapest investment. The constant expense for care and equipment will well exceed the purchase price. There is a difference in a horse that is broke to ride and one that is safe to ride.

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