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Willie Madline

I have been around horses all my life. As a youngster growing up on the family farm, our field work was all done with draft horses. From this I developed a love for this animal. At 13 years old, I purchased my first horse, a 6 month old quarter horse filly for $ 50.00. Believe me, the horse taught me more than I taught it. From there I started boarding, training and showing horses. I have been a member of the Appaloosa Horse Club for almost 30 years.

I enjoyed showing very much, but I enjoyed the training of the horse and exchanging ideas and philosophies from other horseman even more. I use all these life lessons in my horsemanship program. I have found over the years that it wasn't the horse that needed work, it was the human. Helping the human results in having the horse have a better way of life.

People say we need to train the horse. But since the horse was born, it already knows how to run, stop, jump and stand. We need to learn to communicate with the horse, so it will do those things at our command.

A lot of people come to me looking for the solutions to their horse problems. But I believe that 75-90 percent of training problems comes from the person hurting or scaring the horse. This can only worsen unless the person changes his attitude about handling the horse. If the horse does not act the way you want it to, chances are you are not communicating to the horse. Mixed messages will result in a confused horse and a frustrated handler.

Horsemanship is about thinking from the horse's point of view. The more you can learn about being around them and the way they think, the more enjoyment you will experience. Horses want to please. They are looking for a leader. Learning the proper way will allow you to enjoy horses safely.

Communication is the key. I will teach you the right way to be around horses. Horsemanship isn't teaching a horse, it's learning how to ask a horse to do something in a way it can understand.

We really stress basic horsemanship. Advanced horsemanship is just a perfection of the basics.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Willie Madline

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